Since "Dr. Dirt" began selling property, the main focus of increased value
Is that of the Phoenix and the surrounding metropolitan area.
Much more than just the increased value from typical appreciation,
Is that of appreciation from the growth of development.
With Phoenix, one of the fastest and most stable growth cities in America,
Taking advantage of this simple fact for investment is as easy as One, Two, Three!

#1) The best way to see the future is to look at the past.  Take Dr.Dirt's own personal neighborhood.
27 years ago, people though he was insane to move so far out into the orange groves.
Subdivided half acre properties were selling for under $20, with power, phone, water and irrigation.
The closest store to his home was a Circle K six miles away, and the closest grocery store, close to ten!
Today, the same lots sell for over $250,000 a piece. No more orange groves, just development.
Within one mile of his home, which stood alone some years ago, is the following:
McDonalds, Jack-in-the-Box, Subway, Domino's Pizza, Albertsons, Fry's, Circle K, just to name a few.
People mumble all day.  "If I would have purchased some of this land back then- I would be rich."
Yes they would!

#2) Understand that so long as the market continues, this trend will continue right along with it.
The people that we hear speak those words: "If I would have" or "I should have"
Turn around and say that the parcels out too far now will never be valuable.
The problem with that is Dr. Dirt has been around, far too long.
He has seen the land that is too far out get swallowed by development again, again and again.
It will happen again, and you can be the one to prove it.

#3) The difference between the wealthy land owners and the "Would've Should've" gang is simple.
Those that are willing to make the investment now for the future!
Dr. Dirt knows the inside scoop on where the big developers are moving.
He knows where the future freeways are planned as well as the cities are expanding.
He knows and understands the intricate details of legally protecting you as the land owner.
Details concerning biological issues, easement and access, archeological concerns, and numerous others!
It is his job, his passion, and his life.
He has seen the patterns and understands the patterns for the future,
as well as the hindrances of some land in relation to water, transportation, or other difficulties.

When it is your money, and your future on the line.  Do the right thing and call the specialist!
To think that every Realtor will give you the same service and protection,
Is like having that dentist perform your open heart surgery.
If you are looking for a home- please go see a home specialist as Dr. Dirt cannot help you.
If you are looking for land,  Please do your future a favor and. . .